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What Different Kinds of Ceiling Tiles are Available?

Posted - 08/23/2012

There are numerous options available for ceiling remodels to change the look and atmosphere of your home. These include plastic, metal, cork, acoustical, and Styrofoam.

Plastic tiles are the economical choice and provide good levels of insulation. They can be molded into many different styles and are heat and fire resistant. Ceilings crafted from metal tiles are popular with those looking for a retro or traditional look. They are a luxury tile and may be composed of tin, brass or steel.

For the environmental conscious homeowner, cork ceiling tiles are an ideal choice. They can be waxed or stained to match other decor, and provide excellent insulation. Acoustical tiles, as the name suggests, absorb sound energy and are perfect for houses where living spaces are separated, or where musicians practice.

The best type of insulating ceiling tile is the Styrofoam tile. These can be finished in numerous different ways and can match almost any decor. They can also be installed on top of older ceilings, making them an economical option.

Choosing a tile material can be a confusing process. Let the experts at Miami Ceiling Tiles assist you in creating the ideal ceiling for your home.

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